The 10 best emergency medical supplies for your home

Having the necessary emergency medical supplies in your home is essential in case of any emergencies. Whether it is a minor injury or a major medical emergency, having the right medical supplies on hand can help you and your family stay safe.

We have rounded up the 10 best emergency medical supplies for your home to help you make sure you have everything you need. From first aid kits and wound dressings to medical instruments, you will find all the supplies you need to be prepared for any medical emergency.

Our guide will take you through the various types of medical supplies available and help you choose the best ones for your needs. We will also discuss what to look for when buying medical supplies and how to store them for maximum efficiency.

  • First Aid Kits
  • Medical Instruments
  • Wound Dressings
  • Emergency Medications
  • Other Supplies

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List of Best Emergency Medical Supplies

Best Emergency Trauma Dressing
RHINO RESCUE Vent Chest Seal


Best for Severe Bleeding
Best for First Aid
QuikClot Gauze

brand : Adventure Medical Kits

Best Emergency Bandage
Best Value
Best First Aid Kit
Best Survival Kit

RHINO RESCUE Vent Chest Seal - Best Emergency Trauma Dressing

size : 2 Count

The RHINO RESCUE vent chest seal is a life-saving device that is used to treat a penetrating chest wound. This seal is placed over the wound to prevent air from entering the chest cavity and collapsing the lungs. The seal is also vented to allow air to escape during exhalation.

The chest seal is easy to apply and has a strong adhesive that will stay in place even in the most adverse conditions. The transparent backing allows you to check the wound for any bleeding or other issues. The small package size is easy to fit in your tactical IFAK bag.

This chest seal is a must-have for any first responder or medical professional. It is an essential piece of equipment for any emergency situation.


Respiratory treatment


Strong adhesion

Easy application




BleedStop™ First Aid Powder – Best for Severe Bleeding

brand : BleedStop
color : Bleedstop - 4 Pack 15g
size : 4 Count (Pack of 1)

BleedStop is a quick, safe and easy to use blood coagulant powder that stops bleeding upon contact. It is perfect for use on moderate to severe wounds, lacerations, cuts, scrapes and nosebleeds. It is also a necessity for rigorous outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and cycling, where moderate to severe bleeding wounds can occur.

BleedStop is safe for use on everyone, including kids, as it is a non-stinging formula. Simply pour a layer thick enough to cover the entire surface of the wound/laceration before applying firm pressure over the bleeding site using sterile gauze or bandage. BleedStop powder is safe on to leave it on the wound, so it's not necessary to wash it off before bandaging. Please seek emergency medical treatment if bleeding doesn't stop after a prolonged period of time.


Stops moderate to severe bleeding

Works on blood thinners


Can be left on wound


Not for mild bleeding

QuikClot Gauze – Best for First Aid

brand : Adventure Medical Kits
color : Multi-color
size : 3 in x 2 ft

QuikClot is a sterile, non-allergenic gauze that accelerates natural blood clotting and stops bleeding within minutes. It is used by hospitals, EMS/first responders, military, law enforcement, general public & outdoorsman. QuikClot is perfect for any first aid kit, suture kit, medical kit, iFAK pouch, EDC pouch & survival kits. Travel safely with QuikClot in your car first aid kit, camping essentials & backpack emergency kit.


Easy to use

Fits perfectly in any first aid kit

Accelerates natural blood clotting

Stop bleeding within minutes



6" Israeli Style Emergency Bandage — Best Emergency Bandage

size : 2 Count (Pack of 1)

The RHINO RESCUE compression bandage is a tactical first-aid device for the staunching of blood flow from traumatic hemorrhage wounds in pre-hospital emergency situations.

The pressure bandage with a 6" x 7" non-adherent pad consolidates multiple first-aid devices, such as primary dressing, pressure applicator, secondary dressing, and a foolproof closure apparatus to secure the bandage in place.

The trauma bandage is designed for quick and easy application by professional and non-professional caregivers to provide effective, multi-functional treatment. The product is so easy to use that even an injured person can self-apply the bandage with one hand.

The emergency bandage's sterile, non-adherent pad applies pressure to any site, can be easily wrapped and secured, and has an additional application, similar to a tourniquet, to further constrict blood-flow. This medical supply is widely added in car first aid kit, IFAK trauma kit, tactical pouch, survival bug out bag......

We are committed to providing the most effective, convenient and premium trauma emergency first aid. Be prepared, use our 100% of efforts to protect 0.01% of hope for survival.


Great for hemorrhage control

Can be used as a tourniquet

Easy to use

Sterile and non-adherent


None found

Lightning X Jumbo Medic First Responder EMT Trauma Bag – Best Trauma Bag

brand : Lightning X Products
color : Navy Blue
size : 91 Piece Set

The Lightning X Jumbo Medic First Responder EMT Trauma Bag is fully stocked with the supplies you need to treat a variety of trauma injuries. The main compartment is packed with gauze, bandages, airways, and other necessary items. The zippered oxygen cylinder compartment allows for quick and easy access to oxygen, and the color-coded removable pouches in the center compartment make it easy to keep track of infant, pediatric, adult, and large adult supplies. The padded divider storage compartments on top of the oxygen cylinder compartment are great for storing extra supplies, and the diamond-embossed PVC-reinforced rigid bottom and sides add water resistance and durability.


Zippered oxygen cylinder compartment

Color coded removable pouches

Padded divider storage compartments

Diamond embossed PVC reinforced bottom and sides


No cons!

330 Piece First Aid Kit — Best Value

brand : THRIAID
color : Red
size : 299 Piece Set

This First Aid Kit is packed with 330 professional medical supplies which meets international medical standards. The transparent storage areas and specific storage areas for gauze rolls help you find accessories more efficiently and deal with crises without causing panic. The bag is made of high quality waterproof nylon fabric which is tough and durable. This First Aid Kit is 9.4" x 5" x 6.3", compact size and 1.61 lbs, easy to carry that fits anywhere in your car, RV, atv, yacht, boat, jeep, bike or motorcycle. Ideal for home, workplace, outdoor, travel, boat, camping, hiking and other emergency situations.


Compact and lightweight

Waterproof and durable bag

Smart area classification design

Always ready for any emergency



Clozex Emergency Laceration Kit — Best First Aid Kit

brand : Clozex
size : 8 Piece Set

Clozex Emergency Laceration Kit is an easy to use, painless, and affordable alternative to stitches for the treatment of small cuts and lacerations. The kit includes 2 Clozex closures, 2 gauze pads, 2 alcohol pads, and 2 cover bandages.

Clozex closures are a patented interlaced design that simultaneously aligns the skin edges in all 3 dimensions, making it fast and easy to close a laceration with excellent cosmetic results. Simply apply to the skin, pull wound edges together, and keep in place during healing.

Adhesive-based, topical skin closure that does NOT puncture the skin is non-threatening to children and elderly during placement and removal and is clinically proven to minimize unnecessary scarring caused by stitches.

When an ER is not accessible, or you don’t want to spend the money or time away from work or play, Clozex is a great alternative that offers immediate and durable wound closure at a fraction of the cost.


FDA cleared

Can be used for 2 individual wounds or combine for 2 1/2 in. length

Easy to apply and remove

Adhesive based

Clinicaly proven to minimize unnecessary scarring



None found

EVERLIT Survival First Aid Kit - Best Survival Kit

brand : EVERLIT
color : Cp Camo

The Everlit 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit is a comprehensive first aid kit that contains everything you need to treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses. The kit includes a military grade EMT pouch, a 3-mode tactical flashlight, a multi-function paracord bracelet, a flint stone, a knife, a saber card, two glow sticks, and a rain poncho. The kit is perfect for taking care of any medical or emergency needs during outdoor wilderness adventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, and mountain biking. The molle compatible straps on the back of the pouch allow the user to attach it to other bags or your belt, which made it a perfect companion for any outdoor activities. The Everlit 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.


comprehensive first aid kit

military grade

water resistant

molle compatible

top quality survival gear

1 year satisfaction warranty



EMS XTRM First Responder EMT Tactical Black Medical Tool Kit — Best Tactical

brand : EMS XTRM
color : Black

The EMS XTRM First Responder EMT Tactical Black Medical Tool Kit is a great all-in-one solution for emergency medical professionals. This kit includes a nylon belt pouch, premium EMT shears, 5.75" bandage scissors, 5.75" forceps, 6" hemostat, and tactical pupil light. The included metal tools are hand finished and individually inspected to ensure the highest quality. The pouch has 2 low and high positions and can be easily removed without removing the belt. This kit is professionally designed for EMTs and first responders to perform under the most critical trauma conditions.


-Includes all the basic tools an EMT would need -The pouch is adjustable to fit different waist sizes -The tools are made of high-quality materials -Medical field tested


-Some people may find the black color of the pouch to be too plain -The hemostat may be too small for some people

FriCARE Nonwoven Self-Adhesive Bandage – Best Quality

brand : FriCARE
color : Rainbow
size : 6 Count (Pack of 1)

FriCARE Nonwoven Self-Adhesive Bandage is a self-adhesive bandage that is easy to use and remove. It is made from high quality porous fabric with bacon strips which allows good ventilation. The FriCARE Nonwoven Self-Adhesive Bandage is light weighted and can be used on pets. It is available in a 6 roll set.


6 rolls in one set

Self-adhesive design

Great value

Made of high precision material

100% money back guarantee



Buyer Guide:emergency medical supplies

Emergency Medical Supplies Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Needs

When an emergency arises, it's crucial to have the right supplies on hand. This guide will help you choose the right emergency medical supplies for your needs.

1: First Aid Kits

A first aid kit is a must-have for any emergency situation. There are many different types of first aid kits available, so be sure to choose one that is suited to your specific needs. Some things to consider when choosing a first aid kit include: 1) The size of the kit - Choose a kit that is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, or one that can be easily carried in a backpack. 2) The type of injuries it covers - Choose a kit that is tailored to the types of injuries you are likely to encounter. For example, if you are only likely to deal with minor cuts and scrapes, choose a basic first aid kit. If you are likely to encounter more serious injuries, choose a kit that includes supplies for treating burns, shock, and other life-threatening emergencies. 3) The level of expertise required - Choose a kit that is suitable for your level of expertise. If you are not familiar with first aid procedures, choose a kit that includes step-by-step instructions. 4) The amount of supplies included - Choose a kit that has enough supplies for your needs. If you will be using the kit on a regular basis, make sure it has enough supplies to last for several uses. 5) The price - First aid kits range in price from around $10-$200+. Choose one that fits within your budget.

2: Medications

It's also important to have medications on hand in case of an emergency. Some essential medications to keep on hand include: 1) Aspirin or ibuprofen - Painkillers can help relieve pain and inflammation in case of an injury. 2) Antihistamines - Antihistamines can help relieve symptoms of allergic reactions and insect bites. 3) Epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPens) - Epinephrine auto-injectors can help treat severe allergic reactions. 4) Doxycycline - Doxycycline is an antibiotic that can be used to treat infections caused by bacteria or parasites. 5) activated charcoal tablets - Activated charcoal tablets can be used to treat poisoning and overdose situations.
6) electrolyte replacement solution packets - Electrolyte replacement solution packets can be used to treat dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.

3: Other Supplies

In addition to first aid supplies and medications, there are other supplies you may need in an emergency situation: 1) A knife or multi-tool - A knife or multi-tool can come in handy for various tasks, such as cutting bandages or fabric, prying open boxes, or removing screws. 2) A flashlight - A flashlight can help you see in dark or low-light situations. ‌3‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ candles - Candles can provide light and heat in an emergency situation. 4 ) matches - Matches can be used to light candles or start fires. 5 ) sturdy shoes - Sturdy shoes can provide protection from injuries if you need to walk through rough terrain or debris.

Emergency Medical Supplies Buying Guide: What to Keep in Mind When Shopping

If you're like most people, you probably don't think too much about emergency medical supplies until you actually need them. But when that time comes, it's important to have the right gear on hand so you can stay safe and comfortable until help arrives.

The good news is that getting prepared doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. In fact, with a little bit of planning, you can put together a comprehensive first-aid kit that will cover most emergencies.

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for emergency medical supplies:

  1. Make sure to include supplies for both minor and major injuries.

Your first-aid kit should include provisions for both minor and major injuries. This means having supplies like bandages, gauze, medical tape, and disinfectants for cuts and scrapes, as well as items like CPR masks, splints, and stretchers for more serious accidents.

  1. Think about the types of emergencies that are most likely to occur in your area.

If you live in an area that's prone to earthquakes or hurricanes, for example, then be sure to pack supplies like emergency blankets and whistles that can help you signal for help. And if you often go hiking or camping in remote areas, make sure to include a first-aid manual and supplies like bug spray and snake bite kits.

  1. Group your supplies by category.

This will make it easier to find what you need when an emergency occurs. Some suggested categories include: Bandages/Gauze CPR Masks Snake Bite Kits Stretchers Emergency Blankets Whistles

Emergency Medical Supplies Buying Guide: The Essential Supplies for Every Situation

In the event of an emergency, it is important to have the proper supplies on hand. This guide will help you identify and purchase the essential supplies for every situation.

When purchasing medical supplies, it is important to consider the specific needs of your family or group. The list below is a general guide that can be tailored to your individual needs.


– Adhesive bandages in various sizes – Antiseptic wipes – Gauze pads – Tape – Pain reliever such as ibuprofen – Antihistamine capsules or cream – Bandanas or headscarves as ties for bandages – Tweezers – Calamine lotion – Insect bite ointment


In addition to the supplies listed above, you will also want to pack the following items if you are stranded in the wilderness: – First Aid manual – Flashlight with extra batteries -Matches in a waterproof container – Knife or multi-tool -Compass -Extra clothing including sturdy shoes and a hat to protect from the sun and rain


If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes, it is important to have emergency supplies on hand. The following items are essential for emergencies: -Water – at least one gallon per person per day for three days, more if hot weather is expected) -Food – non-perishable items that require no cooking (3 day supply) shelter (tarps, tents, camping gear), protection from the elements (warm clothing, rain gear, hats), first aid kit, prescription medications and glasses).

Emergency Medical Supplies Buying Guide: How to Prepare for an Emergency

When an emergency arises, you'll want to have the supplies on hand to deal with it. This guide will help you figure out what you need and how to get it.

The first step is to assess the situation and determine the level of emergency. There are three levels of emergencies:

  1. A level 1 emergency is one that can be managed by your family and local resources. This usually includes things like a power outage or minor car accident.
  2. A level 2 emergency is one that requires external support. This might include a major car accident or a natural disaster.
  3. A level 3 emergency is one that is catastrophic and could potentially lead to loss of life. A nuclear meltdown would be an example of a level 3 emergency.

Once you've figured out the level of emergency, you can start gathering supplies. The type of supplies you'll need will vary depending on the emergency, but there are some basics that everyone should have:

  • Food and water: In any emergency, it's important to have plenty of food and water. You should have at least three days' worth of each.
  • First Aid Kit: A first aid kit is essential for any emergency situation. Make sure it includes supplies for basic first aid, such as bandages, gauze, and antibiotic ointment.
  • Emergency blanket: An emergency blanket will help keep you warm in cold weather emergencies or can be used as a ground cover in hot weather emergencies.
  • Multi-purpose tool: A multi-purpose tool can come in handy in many different types of emergencies. It should include items like a blade, screwdriver, and pliers.
         These are just a few of the supplies you'll need for an emergency. For more information on specific supplies, check out the Department of Homeland Security's <a href=" preparedness-framework">National Preparedness Framework</a>.

Frequently Asked Question

What are some common emergency medical supplies?

There are a variety of medical supplies that can be useful in emergencies. Some of the most common ones include bandages, gauze, medical tape, scissors, and tweezers.

Bandages can be used to cover wounds and protect them from further injury. Gauze can be used to clean and disinfect wounds, and to apply pressure to bleeding wounds. Medical tape can be used to hold bandages in place, and to close off minor cuts. Scissors can be used to cut gauze or tape, and tweezers can be used to remove objects from a wound.

In addition to these supplies, it is also important to have a first-aid kit on hand. This kit should include items such as adhesive bandages, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, Benedryl, burn cream, Caladryl lotion, cotton balls/swabs, eyewash solution, ice pack, insect sting relief pads, instant cold packs, latex gloves, lip balm, mouthwash/toothpaste kit (travel size), SAM splint material and instructions, sterile pads (4x4), sting relief pads (3x3), syringe (10cc with 18 gauge needle), tongue depressor

These are just some of the most common emergency medical supplies. It is important to tailor your supplies list to your specific needs and situation.

What are the benefits of having emergency medical supplies?

Emergency medical supplies can save lives in the event of a disaster or other emergency. By having these supplies on hand, you can be better prepared for an emergency situation. Some of the benefits of having emergency medical supplies include:

  1. First Aid: Emergency medical supplies typically include a first aid kit. This can provide you with the essentials you need to treat minor injuries until help arrives.

  2. CPR: If someone is experiencing a heart attack or other life-threatening emergency, you may need to perform CPR. Having a CPR kit on hand can help you provide lifesaving care until help arrives.

  3. Trauma Care: If someone is seriously injured, they may need advanced medical care. Emergency medical supplies can help you provide critical care to the injured until they can get to a hospital.

  4. Weather Emergencies: Hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters can knock out power and communication lines, making it difficult or impossible to get medical help. Emergency medical supplies can help you cope with these emergencies until help arrives.

How can you best ensure that your emergency medical supplies are effective?

One of the most important things that you can do to make sure that your emergency medical supplies are effective is to make sure that you store them in a cool, dry place. Heat and moisture can damage many of the items in your emergency medical kit, so it is important to keep them in a climate-controlled environment whenever possible.

Another thing to keep in mind is to regularly check the expiration dates on your supplies. Many medications and medical supplies have a limited shelf life, so it is important to replace them when they expire. You may also want to consider rotating your supplies periodically, so that you always have the latest and most up-to-date items on hand in case of an emergency.

It is also important to be familiar with the contents of your emergency medical kit. Know how to use each item and what its intended purpose is. This will help you to be better prepared in the event of an emergency.

Finally, practice using your emergency medical supplies. This will help you to be more comfortable using them in a real emergency situation.