Best medical supplies for nurses in 2022

As a nurse, you know that having the right supplies is essential for providing optimal care to your patients. But with the vast array of medical supplies available, it can be hard to know where to start.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best medical supplies for nurses in 2022. Our selection is based on durability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Whether you’re stocking up on supplies for your own practice or looking for a gift for a nurse, this list will help you find the perfect items.

  • Stethoscope
  • Scrubs
  • Medical Penlight
  • Nursing Bag
  • Scissors and Tweezers
  • Medical Tape
  • Thermometer
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Medical Gauze
  • Gloves

Each of these items is essential for any nurse and can make a difference in the level of care you provide. We’ve also included a buying guide so that you can make an informed decision when selecting medical supplies for your practice.

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List of the Best Medical Supplies for Nurses

FITA Trauma Shears and Pen Lights — Best Medical Accessories

brand : FITA
color : White+Wine+Light Pink+Green

The FITA Trauma Shears and Pen Lights are medical supplies that are essential for nurses, doctors, and nursing students. The set comes with 2-pack medical pen lights with 4pcs AAA batteries, and 2-pack trauma shears medical scissors. These medical assistant accessories are necessities for nurses, doctors, dentist, veterinarian, and are nursing school essentials for nursing students. Applicable at hospital, clinic, nursing school, home medicine cabinet and others. The trauma shears are made of premium surgical grade stainless steel serrated blades with fluoride coating, secure blunt tip design, and ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable grip. They are durable and sharp for safely and effectively cutting various kinds of hard objects, such as bandages, cloth, leather, paper, plastic sheet, wire, twine, plants, ect. The pen lights are made of medical grade and durable aluminum alloy with white LED bulb, pupil gauge and 5cm marking ruler, which are helpful to measure the pupil dilation and length on using these medical penlights. They are available for check-ups of nose, throat and ears, and can also work as tactical lights for outdoor camping and household repair. Both the bandage scissors and pen lights are lightweight and portable with carabiner or metal clip design. Clipping onto the uniform pocket or hiking bag, it’s very easy to reach the kits when on work or in emergency. The nursing penlight with push-button on/off switch is easy to detach and install batteries. (Positive pole “+” of battery should face the pen bulbs.) These tools are not only for medical use, but also for household daily use, office, gardening, handwork, mechanical repair, outdoor camping or survival, and so on.


– 4-pack set comes with medical pen lights and trauma shears – Pen lights are made of durable aluminum alloy with white LED bulb – Scissors are made of premium surgical grade stainless steel with serrated blades – Both pen lights and scissors are lightweight and portable – Pen lights have push-button on/off switch – Scissors have blunt tip design


– None noted

First Lifesaver 4-in-1 Nursing Fanny Pack - Best for Nurses

brand : First Lifesaver
color : Black
size : Large

The First Lifesaver 4-in-1 Nursing Fanny Pack is a great way to keep your nursing supplies close at hand. This fanny pack has multiple pockets and access points and can be worn as a waist pack, crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or belt pouch. The comfortable, spacious design and 11 quick-access pockets not only keep equipment close at hand, they help you make smarter and timelier decisions when supporting patients, doctors, and EMT teams. The fanny pack is made of heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon and has an adjustable 25” to 47” strap to make it easier and more comfortable to carry without sacrificing movement or mobility.



Multiple pockets

Can be worn as a waist pack, crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or belt pouch

Comfortable and spacious design

Adjustable strap




Primacare KB-9397-BK Stethoscope Case – Best Stethoscope Case

brand : Primacare
color : Black

This stethoscope case is made out of high quality leather and flannelette. This allows the medical supplies case to be very strong and also keep everything inside safe with the soft interior. The emergency kit medical bag provides you with a special name card that allows you to write down your name, organization, phone number and address. This allows people to know to whom they are going to return the travel first aid kit to. The stethoscope case comes with 3 colored penlights, a bandage shears, a neuro hammer and a buck hammer. The portable travel kit stethoscope holder supports multiple branded stethoscopes. The stethoscope case is made to be water resistant and shockproof. This allows you to always carry around your medical bag wherever you go without having to worry about water damage or getting your crucial medical supplies damaged. The compact size of the medical supplies first aid kit bag allows you to easily carry it with you wherever you go. You will be able to get this stethoscope case in Blue and Red color as well.


Good quality

Water resistant and shockproof

Comes with supplies

Compact and lightweight

Available in different colors


Only available in two colors

Just Love 22256V-L Chocolate Women's Scrub Sets — Best Value

brand : Just Love
color : Chocolate
size : Large

The Just Love 22256V-L Chocolate Women's Scrub Sets / Medical Scrubs / Nursing Scrubs are a great value for the price. You get a matching top and pants in a wide range of colors. The top is a V-neck with 6 pockets and the pants have a drawstring and elastic band for a great fit at the hips. The scrubs are made of a high quality blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester that is not see through and are machine washable.


6 pockets for storage


Available in a wide range of colors

Affordably priced


May be too roomy for some people

May require ironing after washing

AAProTools Yellow Color Heavy Duty EMT Trauma Shears + LED Penlights — Best Trauma Shears

brand : AAProTools
color : Yellow

These AAProTools trauma shears are a great addition to any medical kit. The scissors are made of high quality stainless steel and are yellow in color. The handles are comfortable to hold and the blades are sharp. The shears also come with a LED penlight and a pupil gauge. The penlight is great for checking pupils in low light conditions and the pupil gauge is handy for measuring pupil size. This set is a great value for money and would make a great gift for any medical professional.


High quality stainless steel

Excellent condition

Handmade touch



BOVKE Stethoscope Case - Best Protection

brand : BOVKE
color : Black_Pu Leather
size : 1 Count (Pack of 1)

The Bovke Stethoscope Case is a great way to keep your stethoscope safe and sound. This case is semi waterproof, shockproof, and comes with a mesh pocket for nurse accessories and a hand wrist that allows for easy portability on the go. The double zipper design provides easy access to insert and remove your stethoscope and nurse accessories for work. The nursing stethoscope case has a very comfortable handle that allows for easy and convenient portability on the go. Ideal nursing student gifts. External dimension: 10.87 x 4.18 x 2.72 inch, Internal dimension:10.12 x 3.54x 1.97 inch.


Compatible with many different stethoscopes

Has a mesh pocket for nurse accessories

Shockproof and durable

Stylish and easy to carry


Only compatible with certain types of stethoscopes

PARAMED Aneroid Sphygmomanometer - Best Blood Pressure Cuff

brand : Paramed
color : Pink
size : 1 Count (Pack of 1)

The Paramed Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is a reliable and easy-to-use blood pressure monitor that doesn't require a stethoscope. The large, easy-to-read dial makes it simple to take your blood pressure at home, and the carrying case keeps the cuff and other parts together for on-the-go use. The cuff is made of extra-durable nylon and is comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.


No stethoscope needed

Easy to use

Universal cuff size

Durable and lightweight

clinically tested and approved


Stethoscope not included

Prestige Medical Nurse's Car-GO Bag – Best for Nurses

brand : Prestige Medical
color : Black
size : 1 Count (Pack of 1)

The Prestige Medical Nurse's Car-GO Bag is a great bag for nurses on the go. It has a lot of compartments and pockets to store all of your nursing supplies and equipment, as well as your personal belongings. The bag is made of durable black fabric and has a black interior. It has a travel mug holder, front mesh pouch, cell phone pouch, and a removable aneroid sphygmomanometer compartment. The bag also has a "hook-and-loop" strip that holds the bag in place on cloth seats or floor carpets.


Lightweight and durable

Many pockets and compartments

Aneroid sphygmomanometer compartment

Holds a travel mug and a cell phone


No shoulder strap

MEUUT 3 Pack Pen Lights for Nurses — Best Brightness

brand : MEUUT
color : Pink+blue+light Purple

MEUUT medical penlights are made of aluminum alloy and led bulb, which make sure these nurse penlights durable and long-life using. The penlights are very simple to operate by pressing the button. These medical supplies penlights for nurses doctors EMT Trauma are perfect nursing student essentials. The set comes with 6 packs AAA batteries. The penlights with pupil gauge and a 5cm-ruler are helpful for you to measure the size of pupil dilation and body parts. The nurse led penlights nurse accessories for work are easy to use with push-button on/off switches and pocket clip. You can keep them within reach at all times with you.


-Comes with batteries -Includes pupil gauge and 5cm ruler -Made with premium aluminum alloy -Push button on/off switch -Pocket clip included -60-day money back guarantee -12-month worry-free warranty



YINKE Stethoscope Case Kit — Great Gift Idea

brand : Yinke
color : Black

The Yinke 16PCS stethoscope kit is a great value set that contains a lot of useful nurse accessories. The stethoscope case is a great way to keep your stethoscope and other accessories organized and in one place. The trauma shears medical scissor is a great tool to have on hand for emergencies. The pen lights are a great way to keep your hands free while you are working. The AAA batteries are a great way to keep your pen light working. The bandage wraps are a great way to keep your wounds clean and protected. The badge holder is a great way to keep your ID and badge in one place. The retractable easy pull buckle is a great way to keep your badge holder in place.


Nurse accessories kit for work

Great value 16pc set

The perfect gift

Large capacity upgraded version

Excellent medical scissors

High quality penlight and bandage wraps


Stethoscope case only

Buyer Guide:medical supplies for nurses

5 Must-Have Medical Supplies for Nurses

There are an array of necessary supplies for nurses that help to make their jobs easier and more effective. While the list could be much longer, here are five must-have items for nurses:

A stethoscope is a critical tool for any nurse. It is used to listen to heartbeats and breath sounds. A good quality stethoscope can be a valuable asset for diagnosing patients quickly and accurately. Another must-have item for nurses is a thermometer. Oral, rectal, and tympanic thermometers are all options depending on what is needed for the individual patient. Nurses use thermometers to take patients' temperatures to check for signs of infection or fever. Nurses also need scissors! They can come in handy for so many things, from cutting bandages to clipping loose hair. It's important to have a good pair of scissors that are sharp and easy to maneuver. A penlight is another small but mighty instrument that comes in handy for nurses. It is used to look into eyes, ears, and noses in order to diagnose problems. Last but not least, nurses need a stethoscope ID tag! This is a great way to ensure that your stethoscope always makes it back to you after being used by another nurse or doctor.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Medical Supplies for Nurses

When it comes to medical supplies, nurses have unique needs that must be considered. Here is a comprehensive guide to purchasing the necessary supplies for your nursing staff:

Medical Supplies for Nurses: The Basics

Since nurses come into contact with patients of all ages and health conditions, they need a variety of medical supplies on hand at all times. Basic items that should be in every nurse's supply closet include:

-Gauze pads in various sizes

-Bandages of different types and sizes

-A variety of adhesive tape

-Non-stick pads for wound care

-Scissors and clippers

-Thermometers in both oral and rectal formats

-An assortment of over the counter medication such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and antihistamines.

In addition to the basic supplies, nurses who work in specific areas may need additional specialized equipment. For instance, nurses who work in the ER may require defibrillators, resuscitation bags, and other life saving equipment. On the other hand, nurses who work in pediatric units may need child sized medical supplies such as blood pressure cuffs and tympanic thermometers.

It is important to survey the needs of your nursing staff and stock up accordingly on medical supplies. This will ensure that your nurses are equipped with everything they need to provide top quality patient care.

Nursing Essentials: The 5 Medical Supplies You Can't Live Without

There are a few pieces of medical supplies that nurses simply can't live without. Knowing about these essentials and keeping them on hand will help you to more easily care for your patients. Here are the five medical supplies you need to know about:

1.Bandages - Bandages come in all shapes and sizes, and are essential for wound care. Be sure to have a variety of bandages on hand, including dressings, wraps, and adhesive bandages.

2.Gauze Pads - Gauze pads are another essential for wound care. They can be used to clean wounds, apply pressure, or absorb blood and other fluids.

3.Scissors - Nurses need scissors for a variety of tasks, including cutting bandages and gauze pads, removing clothing from patients, and opening medication packets.

4.Thermometer - A thermometer is an essential for taking a patient's temperature. It is important to have a variety of thermometers available, including oral and rectal thermometers as well as digital and traditional models.

5.Medical Tape - Medical tape is indispensable for holding dressings in place and securing bandages around the injured area. It is also helpful for marking patient's skin with identification numbers or initials

How to Choose the Right Medical Supplies for Your Nursing Career

If you're a registered nurse, you know that having the proper medical supplies is essential to providing quality patient care. But with so many different types of medical supplies on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right medical supplies for your nursing career.

  1. Choose high-quality medical supplies.

It's important to choose medical supplies that are made with quality materials and construction. This will ensure that they will hold up over time and provide reliable performance. Look for medical supplies that have been tested and approved by regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  1. Choose products that are versatile and adaptable.

When choosing medical supplies, look for products that are versatile and adaptable. For example, a nurse might need both a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff in their arsenal of supplies. By choosing products that are versatile, you'll be able to use them for a variety of tasks and needs.

  1. Choose products that are easy to use and operate.

It's important to choose medical supplies that are easy to use and operate. This will minimize the amount of time it takes to get up and running with them, and it will also make them easier to use in emergency situations. Look for products with intuitive designs and controls that are easy to understand and operate.

  1. Choose products that meet your specific needs.

Not all nurses have the same needs when it comes to medical supplies. So it's important to choose products that meet your specific needs as a nurse. For example, if you're a pediatric nurse, you'll need different supplies than someone who works in an ER setting. Choose products that are tailored specifically to your unique job duties and responsibilities.

What Every Nurse Needs to Know About Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are a necessary part of any nurse's toolkit. However, many nurses may not know the best way to use medical supplies or even the correct name for some of the most common supplies. This article will teach nurses everything they need to know about medical supplies.

One of the most important medical supplies is the bandage. Bandages come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important to use the right type of bandage for the injury. Tape is commonly used to hold bandages in place, but it is important to tape bandages correctly to avoid causing further injury.

Another essential medical supply is the syringe. Syringes can be used to administer medication or draw blood. Nurses should be familiar with all of the different types of syringes and know how to use them properly.

Medical scissors are another necessary tool for nurses. Scissors can be used to cut tape, bandages, and other materials. Nurses should make sure they have a good pair of medical scissors that are sharp enough to cut through thick material.

Finally, nurses should always have a good supply of gloves on hand. Gloves can be used for everything from taking a patient's temperature to providing wound care. Nurses should always wear gloves when working with patients, and they should also make sure that there is a good supply of gloves on hand in case there is an emergency.

Frequently Asked Question

What are common medical supplies for nurses?

Nurses are responsible for ensuring that patients have what they need in order to recover from illness or injury. This includes stocking and organizing supplies in the patient’s room, as well as drawing blood, measuring vital signs, and more. While the specifics of what nurses need to stock up on will vary depending on their specific workplace, there are some general medical supplies that all nurses should have on hand.

One of the most important medical supplies for nurses is gloves. Gloves protect both the nurse and the patient from coming into contact with bacteria and other contaminants. Nurses should always have a few pairs of gloves on hand, in both latex and non-latex varieties.

Another essential item for nurses is bandages. Bandages come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used to cover wounds, attach medical devices, or hold dressings in place. Nurses should have a range of different bandages available, including adhesive bandages, wrap bandages, and elastic bandages.

In addition to gloves and bandages, nurses should also have a supply of disinfectants on hand. Disinfectants can be used to clean surfaces and equipment, as well as kill any bacteria or viruses that may be present. Nurses can use disinfectants such as bleach solutions or alcohol wipes to keep themselves and their patients safe from infection.

Finally, nurses should always carry a first aid kit with them wherever they go. A first aid kit should include items such as adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain medication, and allergy medication. This kit can help nurses treat minor injuries or illnesses before seeking further medical attention.

What are the benefits of having medical supplies for nurses?

There are many benefits of having medical supplies for nurses. Nurses are able to provide better care for their patients when they have the necessary supplies. In addition, nurses can also maintain a safe work environment when they have the proper supplies. Some of the benefits of having medical supplies for nurses include:

1) Improved patient care - Nurses who have access to medical supplies can provide better care for their patients. This is because they are able to properly diagnose and treat patients’ conditions. In addition, nurses can also administer medication and other treatments accurately when they have the necessary supplies.

2) Enhanced safety - A safe work environment is important for nurses. By having medical supplies, nurses can avoid potential injuries while caring for patients. In addition, nurses can also clean and disinfect areas safely when they have the proper supplies.

3) Reduced workload - When nurses have access to medical supplies, they can complete their tasks more efficiently. This is because they do not need to search for the necessary supplies each time they need them. As a result, nurses can spend more time caring for their patients instead of running around looking for supplies.

4) Increased productivity - When nurses have access to medical supplies, they are able to work more effectively. This is because they do not need to spend time looking for the necessary supplies each time they need them. As a result, nurses can complete their tasks quickly and efficiently when they have the necessary supplies at hand.

How can nurses choose the best medical supplies for their needs?

Nurses are on the frontlines of healthcare, and they need to have the best medical supplies available to them in order to provide the best possible care for their patients. However, choosing the right medical supplies can be a daunting task, especially for nurses who are not experts in this area. Here are some tips for choosing the best medical supplies for your needs:

  1. Start by considering the specific tasks that you need to accomplish. What types of procedures do you need to be prepared for? What tools and supplies will you need to complete those procedures?

  2. Next, think about your budget and how much you can afford to spend on medical supplies. Remember that you don't have to buy everything at once - you can gradually build up your supplies over time as your budget allows.

  3. Once you know what you need, do some research to find the best products available. There are many quality brands out there, so take your time and compare different options before making a purchase.

  4. Finally, make sure that you store your medical supplies properly so that they are always accessible when you need them. Ideally, they should be organized in a way that makes sense for your workflow and is easy to navigate.

Choosing the right medical supplies can be a challenge, but if you follow these tips, you're sure to find the products that fit your needs perfectly.